Exchange Trip to Ningbo, 2003

The group of the fourth exchange trip to Ningbo left on March 21 and came back on March 31. Although they visited the same cities as the group of 2001 did, this time they took a train and used a sleeping car to go from Nanjing to Hangzhou (7 hours).

In Nanjing each member of the group stayed with a student's family of Jinling High School.

In Ningbo they were warmly welcomed by the faculty and the students of Ningbo Polytechnic. The visiting group attended the lessons of Japanese, English, and PE, enjoyed a lively discussion with Japanese majors, and had a
great time at the farewell party.

In Shanghai three old boys of Azabu who are studying at Fudan University, Mr. Yoshino (a graduate of '93), Mr. Suzuki (a graduate of '93), and Mr.Yamada (a graduate of '00) helped them to walk around the streets. Thanks tothe old boys they enjoyed it very much .

At Jinling High School Greeting before Discussion
At Hemudu Site Singing School Song at Farewell Party