Visit to Shawnigan Lake School (March 31April 7, 2004)

This was the fourth trip to Shawnigan Lake School. Eight students of the senior high 2nd and two students of the senior high 3rd visited the school with Mr. Rytani and Mr. Yasuno.

Being contrastive with Azabu High School, which is in the center of Tokyo, Shawnigan Lake School is located in a beautiful forest by a big lake. All students from Azabu enjoyed its fresh air very much. They attended classes, held Japan Night twice in order to introduce Japanese culture, went on an excursion, and promoted friendship with the students of Shawnigan. Staying at the school with a different cultural background has greatly cultivated their cultural awareness. None of them wanted to come back to Tokyo on the last day of their stay. (H. Ryutani)


Shishi-mai at Japan night  Shishi-mai at Maple Bay Elementary
Stanley Park,Vancouver
China Beach  you can see America Rugby field covered with beautiful green grass

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