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1. The History of Azabu High School
2. Annual Events
3. Club Activities
4. Facilities
5. International Exchange New!

1. The History of Azabu High Schoolnakniwa-mizo.jpg (18815 バイト)

   Azabu High School was founded by Mr. Soroku Ebara in 1895. Mr. Ebara was born in a poor family of a vassal of Tokugawa Feudal Government. He was praised for his brilliance from his childhood, and willingly studied Western sciences through the Dutch language. On the fall of Tokugawa Government he fought as a commander and escaped death by a hairbreadth. After the Meiji Restoration he became a Christian and was well-known as a man of religion and a politician as well. What he most devoted himself to, however, was the thirty years' education at Azabu Middle School.
   Since then Azabu High School has followed Mr. Ebara's motto of independence, self-discipline and liberty. This motto has been the school tradition. On the introduction of the new education system after World War II it was reorganized as Azabu Junior and Senior High School. The policy of consistent six -year education has been taken from that time till today. Today Azabu High School makes it the idea of secondary education to cultivate, most of all, the rich human nature.
   In addition Azabu High School has its own original curriculum which stimulates the students' motivation and cultivates their thought, creativity and sensibility, in order for the students to spend a fruitful six years' school life.
   As for the teachers, most of them are full-timers. Each class has a homeroom teacher and a sub-homeroom teacher, who make up a year committee and give the students advice on their study and school life.

1895  Azabu Junior Middle School was founded.
     The headmaster was Mr. Soroku Ebara.
     The school building was in the site of Toyo Eiwa School.
1900  Azabu Junior Middle School was renamed Azabu Middle School.
     The school building was moved to the present place.
1922  Mr. Soroku Ebara deceased at the age of 80.
     Mr. Yoshimatsu Shimizu became the second headmaster.
1923  The auditorium was built.  (Commemorative Auditorium for Mr. Ebara)
1924  Azabu Middle Night School opened.
     It was closed in 1957.
1932  The school building was rebuilt.
     (The present three-storied building)
1935  The 40th anniversary was held.
     The swimming pool was built.
      The school farm opened on the riverside of Tamagawa River.
1937 The auditorium was rebuilt.
     (Commemorative Naruke Auditorium for Mr. Ebara)
1942  Mr. Jun-ichiro Hosokawa became the third headmaster.
1947  Azabu Middle School was reorganized as Azabu Junior High School under the new education system.
     The first school festival was held.
1948 Azabu Junior High School was reorganized as Azabu Junior and Senior High School under the new education system.
     The six-year education of Azabu High School started.
1954 The second year students of junior high school on their school excursion met an accident on Lake Sagami.
1955  Memorial Hall for Lake Sagami Accident was completed.
1961  The gymnasium was rebuilt.
1965  The 70th anniversary was held.
1966  The library and the art building was built.
1967  Mr. Goro Fujise became the fourth headmaster.
1969  The first school dispute happened.
1970  Mr. Ichiro Yamanouchi became the acting headmaster.
     The second school dispute happened.
1972  Mr. Ryo Kikkawa became the fifth headmaster.
      Mr. Shohei Unno became the sixth headmaster.
1973  The school building was extended.
     The auditorium was rebuilt.
1974  Mr. Hitoshi Kihara became the chairman of the board of directors.
     Mr. Takeshi Oga became the seventh headmaster.
1976  The 80th anniversary was held.
     The office of the Tamagawa baseball ground was built.
1983  Mr. Ryo Kikkawa became the chairman of the board of directors.
1985  The 90th anniversary was held.
1988  Mr. Koyata Hosokawa became the chairman of the board of directors.
1992  Mr. Takao Negishi became the 8th headmaster.
1995  The centenary anniversary was held.
      The centenary building was built.
1998  Mr. Ryozo Tanaka became the chairman of the board of directors.
2003  Mr. Nobuhiro Hikami became the 9th headmaster.
2005  Mr. Keizaburo Shimizu became the chairman of the board of directors.

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2. Annual Events

1. Entrance Ceremony

Azabu Junior High School Entrance Ceremony is held 
around the 9th of April ( one day before the opening ceremony of the first semester). 
At the beginning of the ceremony, the principal and the chairperson of the executive 
committee of the Azabu School Festival give welcome addresses, which are followed by 
the performances of the Azabu Junior and Senior High School Song and the Azabu Cheering Song 
by the staff of the School Festival executive committee and the members of the athletic 
clubs with the accompaniment of Azabu Orchestra Club.
After the ceremony, weather permitting, a commemorative photo is taken of each class,
with the background of the cherry blossoms usually in full bloom, in the school courtyard. 
Then, the freshmen enter their respective classrooms. The two homeroom teachers of each class talk about the 
school and what they are supposed to do in the days to come and give them handouts and 
a history of the school, The Centennial History of Azabu.

2. Soroku Ebara Anniversary

3. School Festival

The greatest event at Azabu, held May 3---5. All the Azabu students elect the 
chairperson of the executive committee. The committee plans and manages the festival with 
only partial assistance by teachers.
In the festival are: performances on the special stage in the school courtyard, 
exhibitions by voluntary groups of students or clubs, refreshment stands, concerts, 
theatrical entertainment, symposium. There are also a teachers' entertainment show, which 
has been held for 27 years, plus exhibitions by the PTA.
The festival, open to the public, is visited by not only the parents, brothers and 
sisters of the Azabu students but also by students from other junior or senior high schools, 
and in addition, elementary school kids with their parents who are wishing to enter Azabu. 
The total number of visitors each year reaches nearly 20,000. 

4. Athletic Meet

5. Extracurricular Activities

6. Graduation Ceremony



3. Club Activities

《Cultural Activity Clubs》

Animation, Go, Othello, Music, Chemistry, Orchestra, Rock Band, Photograph, Japanese Chess, Brush Writing, Biology, Chess, Geography & History, Railway & Train, Astronomy, Debate, Computer, Fine Art, Radio Ham, Comics, RPG(Computer Game)

《Sports Clubs》kinenkan.jpg (28393 バイト)

Archery, American Football, Orienteering, Japanese Fencing, Tennis Association, Tennis Club, Baseball (for Seniors), Soccer, Mountaineering, Judo, Swimming, Skiing Association, Skiing Club, Soft-Ball Tennis, Table Tennis, Baseball (for Juniors), Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Rugby, Field & Track,  Wandervogel (Hiking)



4. Facilities

Centenary Building, Library, Computer Space, Playing Field, Tamagawa Baseball Ground, Tennis Court, Gymnasium


5. International Exchange

    The newsletter "International Exchange" issued yearly by International Exchange Committee (IEC) carries our students' accounts of their study abroad, exchange students' impressions of Azabu, and our teachers' reports of their overseas travels. 
   IEC, as its main duty, sends our students abroad and accepts students from abroad, whereby it helps our students broaden their international horizons. We regularly exchange students with the following schools: Winchester College, a British boarding public school (founded in 1382 and located in Winchester, Hampshire) and Ningbo Li Huili Vocational High School, which has a Japanese department, in China (founded in 1985; located in Ningbo City, the Province of Chekiang). 
   In addition, some of our students go abroad to study every year through such non-profit agencies for studying abroad as YFU(Youth For Understanding), AFS(American Field Service), and PIEE(Program of International Education Exchange). Also, we usually accept a foreign student through YFU. 

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