The 5th Visit to Shawnigan Lake School (March 29 to April 6, 2005)

  Eight 11th graders, accompanied by Mr. Hikosaka (art & craft teacher) and Mr. Murakami (English teacher), made a trip to Canada for 9 days. They stayed for a day in Vancouver, six days at Shawnigan Lake School (one day longer than our previous visits), and a day in Victoria.

  Shawnigan Lake School is a boarding school located in a stunning setting with beautiful lakes, forests and hills, and our students stayed with Shawnigan students in their dormitories.  Our students had the opportunity to join their classes and club activities.  They also enjoyed hiking, boat sailing, bowling, and parties.  They tried their best to employ English, which they had been learning for four years, and had a great time.

  Mr. Murakami gave a workshop on his favorite board game Othello, while Mr. Hikosaka taught Shawnigan students how to make and fly boomerangs.

  Azabu students and teachers had a wonderful time, and we really appreciate the hospitality we received in Shawnigan.

In front of the Main Building of Shawnigan Lake School
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Sightseeing in Vancouver on the first day of our trip. The central part of Shawnigan Lake School Meeting in the dining hall The dining hall at night
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Cherry trees on the campus were in full bloom.
Azabu students gave a tea ceremony Bowling at a nearby town Boat sailing on Shawnigan Lake
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Mr. Murakami's Othello workshop Mr. Hikosaka's boomerang workshop Hiking along a beautiful river We spent the last night of our trip in Victoria

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