The 6th Annual Visit to Shawnigan Lake School
(29 March to 6 April 2006)

    Our relationship with Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island, Canada, started in 2001 and has continued to expand successfully ever since. We were able to pay a special visit this spring with a large group consisting of 13 rugby players, 10 exchange students, 3 staff members and Mr. and Mrs. Hikami.

    The rugby team had a different schedule from the exchange students and stayed in Lecky House, while the exchange students stayed in school residences. The rugby players had practice sessions in the morning and attended classes and other activities in the afternoon. There was a rugby match between Shawnigan Colts vs. Azabu on Saturday 1st April (April Foolfs Day). Mr. and Mrs. Hikami, who joined us later, arrived just in time to watch the last 15 minutes. Heartened greatly by their arrival, the Azabu team scored the winning try.
    In the meantime, both the exchange students and the rugby players attended several classes and club activities, enjoyed watching a superb musical put on by the Shawnigan students and staff, and hiked along the Cowichan River. The exchange students entertained Shawnigan students and teachers at Japan Night on their last day at Shawnigan. It was a great honour to have Mr. Robertson as one of the guests. The Azabu students had been preparing their performances for more than two months.

    Mr. Robertson kindly decided to have a special Chapel service for us and the Azabu students sang Japanese songs and our school song. In return, the Shawnigan students sang their school hymn. It was such a moving moment. No one wanted to leave Shawnigan after the service. We are grateful to everyone at Shawnigan for their warm hospitalities.

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