Welcome to Azabu! 2002

 Welcome back to Azabu!

This is the second time to have our friends of Shawnigan Lake School with us. We visited Shawnigan this April and 8 students and two gentlemen of Shawnigan Lake School are now visiting us. It was the  first day of their stay.  They tried Japanese calligraphy and showed us  beautiful pictures of Shawnigan at "Canada Afternoon." They are staying with us until next Tuesday and going to visit popular tourist attractions such as Kamakura and Tokyo Disneyland.

Japanese calligraphy 
They tried writing their own and parents' names. (Their girl friends' names, too!)
" Canada Afternoon "
1) They introduced themselves in Japanese.
" Canada Afternoon "      2) They sang a beautiful school song for us.
They joined a rugby team. They are watching Azabu students dancing

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