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1. Contact Address

Azabu High School
Headmaster : Hideaki Taira
Address : 2-3-29 Motoazabu. Minatoku. Tokyo. 106-0046 Japan
Phone : +81-3-3446-6541
Fax : +81-3-3444-2337

2. The Founder of Azabu High School and his Educational Ideal

Azabu High School was founded by Mr. Soroku Ebara in 1895. Mr. Ebara was born in a poor family of a vassal of Tokugawa Feudal Government. He was praised for his brilliance from his childhood, and willingly studied Western sciences through the Dutch language. On the fall of Tokugawa Government he fought as a commander and escaped death by a hairbreadth. After the Meiji Restoration he became a Christian and was well-known as a man of religion and a politician as well. What he most devoted himself to, however was the thirty years' education at Azabu Middle School.

Since then Azabu High School has followed Mr. Ebara's motto of independence, self-discipline and liberty. This motto has been the school tradition. On the introduction of the new education system after World War Ⅱ it was reorganized as Azabu Junior and Senior High School. The policy of consistent six-year education has been taken from that time till today. Today Azabu High School makes it the idea of secondary education to cultivate, most of all, the rich human nature.

In addition, Azabu High School has its own original curriculum which stimulates the students' motivation and cultivates their thought, creativity and sensibility, in order for the students to spend a fruitful six years' school life.

As for the teachers, most of them are full-timers. Each class has a homeroom teacher and a sub-homeroom teacher, who make up a year committee and give the students advice on their study and school life.

3. History

1895 Azabu Junior Middle School was founded. The headmaster was Mr. Soroku Ebara.
1899 Azabu Junior Middle School was renamed Azabu Middle School.
1922 Mr. Soroku Ebara deceased at the age of 80.
Mr. yoshimatsu Shimizu became the second headmaster.
1923 The auditorium was built. (Commemorative Auditorium for Mr. Ebara)
1924 Azabu Middle Night School opened. It was closed in 1957.
1932 The school building was rebuilt. (The present three-storied building)
1935 The swimming pool was built. The school farm opened on the riverside of Tamagawa River.
1942 Mr. Jun-ichiro Hosokawa became the third headmaster.
1947 Azabu Middle School was reorganized as Azabu Junior High School under the new education system. The first school festival was held.
1948 Azabu Junior High School was reorganized as Azabu Junior and Senior High School under the new education system. The six-year education of Azabu High School started.
1961 The gymnasium was rebuilt.
1966 The library and the art building was built.
1967 Mr. Goro Fujise became fourth headmaster.
1970 Mr. Ichiro Yamanouchi became the acting headmaster.
1972 Mr. Ryo Kikkawa became the fifth headmaster.
Mr. Shohei Unno became the sixth headmaster.
1973 The school building was extended. The auditorium was rebuilt.
1974 Mr. Takeshi Oga became seventh headmaster.
1992 Mr. Takao Negishi became the eighth headmaster.
1995 The centenary anniversary was held. The centenary building (library) was built.
2003 Mr. Nobuhiro Hikami became the ninth headmaster.
2013 Mr. Hideaki Taira became the tenth headmaster.
2015 120th anniversary building (sports hall) was built.

4. Annual Events

School Festival

The greatest event at Azabu, held in spring. All the Azabu students elect the chairperson of the executive committee. The committee plans and manages the festival with only partial assistance by teachers. In the festival are: performances on the festival stage in the school courtyard, exhibitions by voluntary groups of students or clubs, refreshment stands, concerts, theatrical entertainment, symposium. There is also teachers' entertainment show, which has been held for 37 years, plus exhibitions by the PTA. The festival, open to the public, is visited by not only the parents, brothers and sisters of the Azabu students but also by students from other junior or senior high schools, and in addition, elementary school kids with their parents who are wishing to enter Azabu. The total number of visitors each year reaches nearly 30,000.

5. Club Activities

There are 45 Clubs and Associations (includes both Liberal Arts and Sports) that conduct various voluntarily actives. Through spring and summer camps, or through various open minded field researches, club advisors and teachers bring out the best of the students physically and also mentally. Various Clubs have won a lot of prizes of National Tournaments and other competitions which gives the school a lot of vitality.

Cultural Activity Clubs
Animation, Go, Othello, Music, Chemistry, Orchestra, Rock Band, Japanese Chess, Brush Writing, Biology, Chess, Geography & History, Railway & Train, Debate, Computer, Radio Ham, Comics, RPG(Computer Game)
Sports Clubs
Archery, American Football, Orienteering, Japanese Fencing, Tennis Association, tennis Club, Baseball (for Seniors), Soccer, Mountaineering, Judo, Swimming, Skiing Club, Soft-Ball Tennis, Table Tennis, Baseball (for Juniors), Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Rugby, Field & Track, Wandervogel (Hiking)

6. Classes and Grades

In Japan, the academic year starts on April 1st and ends March 31st in following year. Azabu follows a trimester system as same as other schools.

Grading (All grades are unweighted)

  • 5-Excellent
  • 4-Above Average
  • 3-Average
  • 2-Below Average
  • 1- Failure

* Since the school allows a great deal of freedom with the grading system, the average grade can vary considerably between each teacher.
* No classes are offered to 12th grades for third semester (Jan.-Mar.) because of entrance exam preparation. Therefore, grades up to second semester are recovered as year grades.
* The number of credits of each course does not weight the GPA.
* Special advanced classes are taken by tenth and eleventh grade students (credits are given). There are broad range of topics, which the students can select and purse their own interests deeply. Grades are given by pass/fail (not written on the transcript).

7. Major Universities Attended by Azabu High School Graduates

The number shows the number of graduates who gained admission to the university.

Class of : 2016 2017 2018
National University
The University of Tokyo 94 79 98
Kyoto University 13 15 16
Tokyo Institute of Technology 17 11 17
Hitotsubashi University 16 6 14
Private University
Keio University 129 115 121
Waseda University 171 137 110